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Image by Etienne Girardet

Get to Know Me

Aside from where I am from and where I went to school and all of the things about me, I have been on a journey of inquiry. I continue to ask lots of questions about the human life experience and I have found that others often have similar questions even if they aren't ready to share them. Asking questions has helped me to find my voice, to help others increase their volume, and to normalize mistakes along the way. 

Each of us has lived experiences that make up our life stories. Sometimes the memories are painful and hard to face. I have definitely experienced intense pain and remain in the marathon to healing. It is a lifelong journey and I remind myself to be grateful for the trials I have overcome and to celebrate my accomplishments throughout my quest to wellness. 

I continue to do the hard work so that I am a better therapist, social worker, and practitioner for my clients and colleagues. I want to help you find your voice and elevate your volume, so that you can confidently tell your story (or not) and celebrate all that you are!

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