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Psychologist Session

Therapy and Support Services

Individual Therapy

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Your time, your space

During therapy sessions, we’ll work to build a relationship and explore the areas of your life that cause the most concern for you. Whether it is your thoughts, feelings, behavior or a combination of them all, we will work together so that your health and wellbeing improve. We will begin by building upon your strengths and the tools you have used successfully to overcome life challenges. Call or email to book an appointment.

Support Groups

A Supportive Hug

You are part of a team

Support groups and group sessions are designed to allow people who are managing similar problems to support each other in small groups of 4-8 members. In groups, people decide how they wish to share resources and how they choose to be helped. Everyone agrees to group norms and expectations to maintain the dignity of each member, confidentiality of information shared, and trust that everyone is respected and valued for who they are.

Group session topics at La Mark & Associates include grief and loss, anxiety, teens and adolescents managing ADHD, teens and adolescents managing dyslexia, caregiver support, cancer warriors and survivors, and more.

An open group means anyone can attend a group when they are offered. Closed support groups mean that members all join the support group prior to the first session and the same members meet each week for a specific period. Groups at La Mark & Associates are closed.

Get in touch to join one of our groups!

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